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H20 your health & performance

Updated: Apr 14, 2023

Did you know water is critical for our mental and physical well-being as well as performance?

Your body is anywhere between 45-75% water depending on your age, sex, height, and the lifestyle you lead.

During exercise, daily activities, and normal bodily responses water is used up causing dehydration. It is important that you replenish these water stores

Otherwise, your exercise performance, Strength, Endurance, Energy, and Recovery will be hindered, you may suffer from an inability to regulate your own body temperature like overheating, muscular cramping, abnormal fatigue, and joint pain via lost lubrication that water contributes to

It can help lower recovery times post-workout or during workouts as water assists with transporting oxygen and nutrients to cells, which can lead to brain fog or headaches and irritability caused by dehydration.

Water is also good for assisting in weight loss, it assists with the removal of waste and promotes good digestion, it makes us feel fuller which will likely reduce the number of calories we consume plus helping our hormones function properly which is essential for weight loss.

I recommend 2.-2.7L of water per day for women, and 3-3.5L per day for men, which can vary depending on exercise intensity and lifestyle factors like heavy work or heat exposure. Listening to your body will guide you, basically, the more intense your day is heat or exercise wise the more you should be drinking

Water benefits:

- Hydration

- Sport performance

- Mental performance

- Joint lubrication

- Weight loss

- Reduces inflammation

- Skin elasticity

- Hormones

- Many more!

What type of water?

  • Spring water.

spring water is a good option as it is considered to be the most natural way of consuming water while retaining its mineral content

  • Tap water.

I personally avoid tap water as most town water supplies are supplemented with fluoride which is an endocrine disrupter. It causes Pineal Gland (The Third Eye) calcification and Hypothyroidism. It is also considered a poison.

The pipes that bring tap water into your home are also very old and full of heavy metals which you digest with the tap water, which can cause health problems later in life such as Alzheimer's. If tap water is your only option, I suggest putting it through a good water filter

  • Distilled water.

My preferred water is distilled water, it may be lacking in minerals where spring water is not, however, distilled water is good at flushing toxins from your body as it is not absorbed as easily,

You can combat the lack of absorption by simply adding some pink Himalayan salt to your water, I also prefer to get my minerals from plant-based foods so this is a non-issue personally.

As you can see from the photo attached that is after distilling 4 liters of tap water! that is a lot of heavy metals and inorganic materials you’re ingesting over your life if you drink tap water as your main source of water

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