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Do you want to lose 5kg,10kg, or even 20kg of your current body weight? 


Do you want to bulk up and gain 5kg or 10kg?


Do you want to Tone up and improve your body composition?


Are you self-motivated and want a step-by-step plan set out for you to follow with zero thinking required? 


Use this system that I use on myself & my clients to achieve great results & similar to the ones mentioned above. All you need to do is download the plan and get started now!



- Meal plan and shopping list with the calories set to get your desired weight loss/fat loss or bulking/muscle gain results


- 12-week Training program based on the goals you'd like to achieve 


- Weekly self-check-in to keep you accountable and to see where your weak areas are and where your results are likely lacking the most

Meal Plan, Training Program, & Accountability Check-in