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12-weeks goes quick, so does 7.6kg

Down 7.6kg in 12 weeks

Huge win for Olivia even though she finds it hard to admit it to herself.

We can be hard on ourselves and only accept perfection as a win however perfection is not a reality and if you keep moving towards your goal, doing more things right than wrong you'll notice that the applied effort can and will lead to the same result as a perfect execution on a program, it'll just take a little longer

This is a huge improvement in only 12 weeks.

How did she do it?

1. Showed up to her PT sessions twice per week + one extra programmed session occasionally

2. Followed her meal plan & when she didn't, she let me know so we could manipulate the calories to allow her to still drop weight and have more flexibility with the foods she wanted to try.

Olivia went from 72.3kg down to 64.7kg in her 12-week program.

Her strength has gone up immensely from staying on 5kg dumbbells to 12kg and beyond, her conditioning improved a lot, and her legs are starting to really take shape, looking lean and toned!

A few feats of strength:

1. 0kg > 14kg Lunges 2. 0kg > 37.5kg Hip thrusts 3. 20kg > 100kg Leg press 4. Push-up on the floor 5. - 7.3kg

Nothing short of incredible

Well done Olivia!

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