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How Mark Lost 8kg over 12 Weeks While Socializing Every Weekend

Updated: Apr 14, 2023

Mark came to me with a common problem, he was in his 50's, he worked long hours, and wasn't overly active, but he wanted to lose 5kg and get fitter before his holiday in Thailand but he also did not want to change his current lifestyle...

Sounds impossible right?

But after learning about marks lifestyle, I was confident we could put an easy-to-follow plan in place that allowed him the freedom to continue living his life the way he loved



We used an easy strategy that controlled how many calories he was consuming through the week and banked them up so he could go bananas on the weekend.

The result?

8kg lost in 12 weeks

So, you may feel like controlling your food intake is a painful task that takes the fun out of life, however with my experience and my client's experience it allowed them nothing but freedom to live their life the way they get the most enjoyment from and allowing them to feel bloody amazing about it.

If you want to reach your fitness or body composition goals but can't find a way to fit them into your lifestyle, reach out today and I'll quickly know if we can set a flexible plan in place for you too.

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