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You only need 1 of these 2 things to reach your dream body or fitness goal.

Updated: Oct 9, 2023

And you already have them both!

What are they?

1. Consistency

Consistency is the king of all results. It doesn’t matter how you feel or what is going on, if you are consistent, you will achieve it. Just not immediately.

You want to be lean? eat less calories & train... consistently.

You want to be big? eat more calories & train... consistently.

You want to be smart? read & research topics.... consistently.

You want to be wealthy? educate yourself, learn new skills, and work on those skills... consistently.

(insert anything else you want to accomplish)

2. Motivation (aka feelings)

Feelings can be a driver for huge spikes of progress and huge spikes of regress.

If you are working to reach a goal then use your feelings (motivation) to do that extra bit of work with extra passion, purpose, and desire!

But when that feeling fades and it will. You must not give up on your consistency because you will have wasted time, energy, and previous progress through your motivational spike.

Be aware, disciplined, and happy enough to know that you still achieve your goal if you are consistent, in fact, you are still achieving your goal & are moving towards its success if you remain consistent.

it just won't FEEL as good progressing at the moment with positive feelings, but it will happen! just not immediately.

The time will pass regardless.

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